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Stomatricha hochbergi Diagnosis

Hooge MD 2003 (citation) - Mature specimens 600 to 950 µm long and ~200 µm wide (Figs. 13, 14A, 15). Anterior
often wider. Body dorso-ventrally flattened, with slightly inrolled lateral edges.  Green color conferred by
conspicuous zoochlorellae positioned immediately underneath body-wall musculature on dorsal and ventral
of body (Fig. 14B). 
Epidermal cilia mostly restricted to ventral side.  Dorsal epidermal cells thin, and only sparsely ciliated.

Red-colored rhabdoids scattered, with highest concentrations at ventral edges of body (Figs. 14A, B). 
	Musculature with circular muscles that encircle the body along entire length of animal, but are inclined at
caudal tip; straight longitudinal muscles present between frontal organ and anterior edge of mouth;
longitudinal-cross-over muscles (fibers with a longitudinal orientation anteriorly, but bend medially to
diagonally) present in both dorsal and ventral body wall; however, ventral cross-over fibers present only in
the form of U-shaped muscles (longitudinal fibers that wrap around posterior rim of mouth) (Fig. 15). 
Diagonal fibers present in food-groove region anterior to mouth, extend posteriorly and appear to merge with
U-shaped fibers, or straight longitudinal fibers.
	Frontal organ poorly developed, possibly absent.  One small, dense gland opens at anterior tip, at spot
gap in cilia occurs (Fig. 13B).  Region where frontal glands are typically present is dense with rhabdoid
	Mouth opening on ventral surface, anterior half of body.  Digestive central syncytium extends from mouth
posteriorly to level of seminal bursa.
	Ovaries paired, ventral; extend from position immediately behind statocyst posteriorly to seminal bursa
	Testes paired, at lateral edges of body; separate from ovary.  Testes extend posteriorly from level of
statocyst to male copulatory organ (Fig. 13B).
	Female gonopore positioned posterior to male gonopore; opens to ciliated antrum.  Vagina a thin space lined
by spongy cells; passes dorsally over male copulatory apparatus to reach seminal bursa (Figs. 13C, 16).
~70 µm in diameter, filled with sperm; wall lined with same spongy cells lining vagina.  Bursal nozzle
straight or slightly curved (Fig. 14C); length ranges from 40 to 80 µm. 	
Male gonopore anterior to female gonopore; appears to be facultative, circular muscles and epithelium often
cover opening (Fig. 16).  Gonopore leads to short, muscular, glandular penis (Figs. 13C, 14D, 16).  Proximal
end of penis surrounded by large mass of granules.  Penis surrounded by sperm-filled seminal vesicle.  Wall
seminal vesicle composed of unorganized muscle fibers (Fig. 15).

[From Hooge MD (2003)]

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