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Isodiametridae Isodiametra Diagnosis

Hooge MD & Tyler S 2005 (citation): Bursa with a single sclerotized bursal nozzle.  Male and female gonopores
separate or combined, positioned ventrally. Male copulatory organ with muscular, glandular, isodiametric,
tubular penis, without inner ciliation, surrounded by a muscular seminal vesicle. Insunk brain. Always
without enrolled lateral edges, sclerotized penis needles, algal symbionts, or ocelli. 

[From Hooge MD, Tyler S (2005)]

Diagnosis for the valid (accepted) taxonomic name

Diagnosis for Isodiametridae Praeconvoluta

Uncoloured. Brain insunk. Frontal organ present. Mouth opening ventral. Rhabdoids present or missing. Ovaries and testes paired. Bursa seminalis simple, often with small cap. No bursa mouth piece. One or two genital openings, ventral. Penis strong, gland-rich, inverted into the muscular penis sheath. Proximal part of penis formed as granular vesicle. Proximal seminal vesicle in penis sheath. With or without false seminal vesicles. Penis sheath ellipsoid. Often strongly vacuolated.

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