Turbellarian taxonomic database

Cicerinidae Acirrostylus Diagnosis

Small taxon of Cicerinidae with a girdle of eight separate eosinophilic glandular
proboscis ampullae and two sets of proboscis retractors. Nuclei absent in the glandular girdle. Eyes
without lenses. Pharynx in the anterior part of the body. Copulatory organ with stylet, without cirrus. Paired
testes and seminal vesicles. Unpaired ovovitellarium. Large bursa composed of a distal and a proximal part
separated by a sphincter. Two cuticularized spermatic ducts. Uterus absent.

[From Van Steenkiste N, Volonterio O, Schockaert E, Artois T (2008): 8]

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