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Cheliplana uruguayensis Diagnosis

Species of Cheliplana with unpaired male and female gonads. Proboscis 23 μm long, consisting of 8 μm-long proboscis hooks, 16 μm-long proboscis halves and a 23–25 μm-long postrostral bulb. Accessory denticles absent in the proboscis. Two different seminal vesicles, of which one is a modified vas deferens surrounded by strongly-developed, longitudinal muscles. Both seminal vesicles are connected with the testis. Long, longitudinally muscular prostate vesicle (± 150 μm long). Short tubular stylet (11 μm long). Vagina externa with cuticularized wall connected with a syncytial bursa containing vacuoles. Elliptic seminal receptacle filled with spermatozoa.

[From Van Steenkiste N, Volonterio O, Schockaert E, Artois T (2008): 15]

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