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Haploposthiidae Haplogonaria Diagnosis

Hooge MD & Tyler S 2003 (citation) - emend the diagnosis of the genus to include both common or separate male and
female gonopores.

[From Hooge MD, Tyler S (2003)]

Faubel 1976 (citation)  Colored or uncolored by pigments.  Mouth ventral.  Ovary usually unpaired.  Testes paired.
 Germinal center lying close behind mouth.  Bursa seminalis present.  Without bursal nozzle.  Bursa always
opening together with male copulatory organ.  Seminal vesicle more or less spherical.  Genital atrium present
although no penis present.  Nervous system insunk.  Gonopore variable in position.

[From Faubel A (1976)]

Diagnosis for the valid (accepted) taxonomic name

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