Turbellarian taxonomic database

Geoplanini Luteostriata Diagnosis

Body slender, with parallel margins, anteriorly slightly rounded. Sensory pits in the shape of a simple invagination, encircling the cephalic end. Eyes encircling anterior end of the body. Cephalic musculo-glandular organ present; the cephalic glands of the organ open onto a U-shaped surface at the ventral region of the cephalic region; retractor muscles of the organ mainly formed by the ventral longitudinal sub-epidermal musculature. Bundle of retractor muscles lens-shaped in cross-section; muscle fibers sunken into the mesenchyma near the anterior end of the body; part of these muscles laterally traverses to the opposite side before attaching to the basement membrane. Transverse mesenchymal sub-neural muscle layer present throughout the body. Testes under the supra-intestinal mesenchymal muscle layer. Penial papilla absent. Common glandular ovovitelline duct run backwards, dorsal to the female atrium.

[From Carbayo F (2010): 91-92]

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