Turbellarian taxonomic database

Geoplanini Imbira Diagnosis

Geoplaninae with large-sized body, 90– 140 mm in length, body slender, flattened, with margins parallel; eyes monolobulated, marginally arranged along the body; parenchymatic muscle layers of longitudinal fibres, dorsally and ventrally to the intestine, in addition to the three common parenchymatic muscle layers; prostatic vesicle extrabulbar, long-branched; penis papilla eversible; male atrium folded; ascending portion of the ovovitelline ducts lateral to the gonopore canal or to the female atrium and joining each other above female atrium; genital canal dorso-anteriorly flexed, arising from the postero-dorsal region of the female atrium; female atrium rounded, clothed with an epithelium with multilayered aspect.

[From Carbayo F, Alvarez-Presas M, Olivares CT, Marques FPL, Froehlich EM, Riutort M (2013): 14-15]

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