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Carcharodorhynchus brasiliensis Diagnosis

Species of Carcharodorhynchus with a slightly asymmetrical proboscis, 76–99 ?m long, with the ventral proboscis lip longer than the dorsal one. Ventral lip with two belts of small denticles. Dorsal lip without such denticles. Five to six pairs of testes, arranged in two rows rostrally from the pharynx rosulatus. Seminal vesicles elongated. Copulatory organ proper consisting of a ±14-?m-long cirrus, with a slight constriction in its middle. Distal half of the cirrus surrounded by a thin, asymmetrical, sclerotized hood, which is continuous with the distal tip of the cirrus.

[From Reygel P, Schockaert E, Janssen T, Artois T (2014): 280]

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