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Carcharodorhynchus worsaae Diagnosis

Species of Carcharodorhynchus with a markedly asymmetrical proboscis, with the longest lip 150–155 ?m long, the shortest one 90–115 ?m. Largest lip proximally with up to six rows of small denticles (±1 ?m wide). More distally, only four rows of larger denticles (± 2.5 ?m wide), becoming larger (6.5 ?m wide and 2.5 ?m high) towards the most distal end. Smallest proboscis lip with only larger teeth. One pair of testes, rostrally from the pharynx rosulatus. Seminal vesicles elongated. Copulatory organ proper a 123-?m-long, double-walled, curved stylet.

[From Reygel P, Schockaert E, Janssen T, Artois T (2014): 82]

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