Turbellarian taxonomic database

Dolichomicrostomida Dolichomacrostomidae Diagnosis

with elongate body of mostly rounded cross-section;
   some strongly flattened;
pharynx tube-shaped, dorsocaudally directed;
pharynx gland wreath with rhabdite glands;
frontal glands mostly lying caudal to brain;
   brain perforated with the ducts of these glands;
common gonopore, leading into a genital atrium;
female ducts opening rostrally;
male ducts open obliquely caudally into atrium;
most with an accessory gland organ either in direct communication with atrium
   or in combination with male copulatory organ;
male gonad unpaired, lying in front of or at same level as female gonads;
sperm lengthy, divided into head (sometimes with small 'flagella'),
    a middle piece with spirally arranged granules and an articulated tail;
female gonads unpaired or paired;
male copulatory organ clearly articulated in vesicula seminalis,
    vesiculum granulorum, and penis stylet;
stylet directed rostrally;
prostatic glands open in distal part of vesicula granulorum;
female exit ducts either as simple extension of oviducts or with a vagina interna;
with an atrial bursal organ, which has a mouth-piece, middle piece,
    and sperm tube (sclerotized), the mouth-piece always with a
    characteristic differentiation of 2 disc-shaped thickenings;
marine and brackish water;

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