Turbellarian taxonomic database

Dolichomacrostomidae Dolichomacrostominae Diagnosis

with vesicula granulorum attached to the penis stylet through a more or less long canal;
the vesicula granulorum elliptical to spherical;
the prostatic secretion distributed in the total vesicula, mostly only locked out of a thin central canal;
penis stylet very long and directed through winding construction into characteristic sections
   (except in Megamorion);
with tube-shaped, often botryoidal accessory gland organ which bears, with penis stylet,
   a proximal fused gland stylet;
vagina interna always present;
into gland stylet gross cement glands open into it or around region;
second cement gland secretion (mostly fine granules) arranged around outside the gential opening;
bursal organ protrudes above the bursal canal mostly, but also over a wide part of genital atrium
    so that penis and gland stylets are partly surrounded by bursal organ;
sperm duct always present;
the proximal part of the mouth piece with a vesicle-formed widening;
caudal sense organ lacking;
rhabdite bundles, when present, dermal or adenal;
marine or brackish

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