Turbellarian taxonomic database

Dolichomacrostominae Dolichomacrostomum Diagnosis

without rhabdite bundles in epidermis;
gland cells of adhesive papillae insunk;
longitudinal nerve trunks and tail ganglion within circular musculature;
with eyes;
body cylindrical, with a truncated anterior end;
intestine straight, unpocketed;
atrium lying over gonopore, with a ventral ciliated and a dorsal unciliated part;
accessory gland upaired;
gland stylet long, tube-shaped;
ovaries with semipaired germinative zones;
with a bursal canal;
middle piece of cuticular apparatus bowl-shaped, directly connected to sperm duct;
sperm duct larger than the middle piece;
sperm tubes long, curved at thin end.

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