Turbellarian taxonomic database

Dolichomacrostomidae Karlingiinae Diagnosis

with penis stylet attached to prominent vesicula granulorum;
vesicula granulorum divided into a distal glandular and a proximal hemispherical, low epithelial part;
penis stylet mostly straight and with complicated folded construction in distal part;
accessory gland organs mostly present,
    in distal part surrounded by a strong musculature,
    various stylets, not connected to the penis stylet;
oviduct opens directly into genital atrium;
cement glands arranged only around genital opening;
bursal organ displaced half through a long bursal canal from the atrium
    and suspended sack-form from the atrium;
sperm duct lacking, as simple continuation of mouthpiece or attached distally to it;
almost always with a caudal sense organ;
with numerous adenal rhabdite glands;

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