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Prolecithophora Pseudostomidae Diagnosis

with mouth-gonopore in front end;
one ciliated groove;
esophagus simple and with weak walls;

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Notes from synonyms

Diagnosis for Prolecithophora Cylindrostomidae

Combinata with thick basement membrane and reinforced disc-like longitudinal musculature;
brain with capsule;
ciliated groove;
intestine with tunic;
gonads usually compact, with tunic;

Diagnosis for Prolecithophora Ulianiniidae

Diagnosis for the family Ulianiniidae nomen novum (= Gastropharyngidae Meixner, 1938): Prolecithophora with pharynx plicatus of pharynx variabilis medioventrally and separate common genital pore posteriorly. With anterior ciliary furrow (furrows) and encapsulated brain. (Eyeless.) Gondads without a tunic. Copulatory organ with unpaired external seminal vesicle, prostatic vesicle and secretory ejaculatory duct. One single genus, Ulianinia Levinsen, 1879, with the characteristics of the family. Type-species U. mollissima Levinsen, 1879.

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