Turbellarian taxonomic database

Pseudostomum californicum Diagnosis

Length 0.7-1 mm, drop-shaped, posteriorly tapering to a tail, ciliary furrow indistinct in living specimens but laterally and ventrally visible on sections. Brain with capsule, four eyes. Large globular pharynx variabilis with strong, ribbon-shaped, outer longitudinal fibers. Large, thin-walled oesophagus. Germovitellaria with globular, ovarial parts and a transversal anastomosis dorsally behind the testis. Sperm large, homogeneous. Transversal unpaired seminal vesicle, small globular granular vesicle and short ejaculatory duct. Bursa without vagina extern and cuticular structures, with dorsomedial cellular nozzle.

[From Karling TG (1962): 187]

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