Turbellarian taxonomic database

Convolutidae Oligochoerus Diagnosis

Convolutids with strongly developed, musculuos pharynx,
2-8 paires of prostatoid organs as in Convoluta convoluta
and 6-40 nozzles. 0.5-2.5 mm long, droplett-shaped with ventrally
enfolded sides, terminating with a tail at the posterior end.
Mouth ventral in first body-third. Paired ovaries in germ and
vitallaria-parts differentiated lying beneath each other.
Seminal bursa more or less rudimentary, in O. limnophilus
many separate  bursae. Copulatory organ musculuous glandular,
either invaginated into penis-sack or terminating into it.
Nervous system in investigated animals with three pairs of longitudinal nerve cords. 

[From Dorjes J (1968): 89]

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