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Ulianinia mollissima Diagnosis

Length 1-1.5 mm. Body sac-like, anteriorly rounded, posteriorly pointed. Colourless, except the yellowish-red intestine. Anteriorly with two pairs of lateral ciliary furrows, bordering a pair of almost horizontal wings. With frontal glands and glands connected with the ciliary furrows. Pharynx plicatus. Ovarial follicles without concentration to a distinct part of the female gondads. Follicular testicles ventrolaterally. Common genital pore (almost) terminally. Common oviduct feebly glandular, opening from the dorsal side into the atrium. Thin-walled globular prostatic vesicle. Ejaculatory duct tubiform, in resting condition forming a short cylindrical proximal penis, with penial glands discharging in a broad distal girdle. Mostly with nematocysts derived from the food and in adult condition with egg-capsules or embryoes in the gut.

[From Karling TG (1963): 506]

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