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Archimonocelididae Meidiama Diagnosis

Archimonocelidinae without cnidosacs. Pharynx short and ventrally oriented. Ovaria just in front of the pharynx, vitellaria postpharyngeal. Copulatory organ with stylet and spines. No accessory glandular organ. The prostate vesicle is anteriorly oriented and the seminal vesicles enter the vesicle at its anterior side.

[From Martens PM, Curini-Galletti MC (1993): 85]

Filiform Meidiamidae with the prostate vesicle curved over about 180°, and with the proximal pole directed forwards, where the paired seminal vesicles enter; the distal pole, where the stylet is attached, is also directed forwards. The stylet is directed forwards and accompanied by the atrial needles. Accessory glandular organ absent. Genito-intestinal duct leading backwards from the female pore to a resorbing bursa in the gut. Female duct with a prepenial vagina, and functioning as a (prepenial) copulatory bursa.
Emended after Martens & Curini-Galletti (1993).

[From Schockaert ER, Curini-Galletti M, De Ridder W, Volonterio O, Artois T (2009): 760]

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