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Crucimusculata Proporidae Diagnosis

Male copulatory organ posteroterminal, seminal vesicle present. Pharynx, when present located anteriorly. Ovaries never reaching behind testes

[From Jondelius U, Wallberg A, Hooge M, Raikova OI (2011): 867]

Notes from synonyms

Diagnosis for Acoela Polycanthiidae

Hooge MD 2003 (citation) - Male copulatory organ a multi-layered seminal vesicle composed of five layers of
alternating longitudinal and circular muscles:  outer-longitudinal muscles, outer-circular muscles,
middle-longitudinal muscles, inner-circular muscles, and inner-longitudinal muscles.  Epithelium-lined lumen
of seminal vesicle opens proximally to false seminal vesicle and distally to ciliated male antrum and terminal
male gonopore.  Invaginated penis absent. 

Diagnosis for Acoela Haploposthiidae

Westblad E 1948 (citation); see also Dörjes (citation) - Acoels with simple copulatory organs. In most cases this organ consists of a tube-shaped male antrum and a spherical seminal vesicle. Either the antrum or the seminal vesicle or both can be absent. Penis is lacking [but Haploposthia albiventer Marcus and H. rubra (An der Lan) have a very small penis papilla]. Male gonopore terminal, subterminal, or ventral. Mouth ventral.

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