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Cicerininae Ptyalorhynchus Diagnosis

The proboscis has a large glandular belt clearly incorporated into the bulb; this belt is divided by a thin basal ring of circular fibers into an external area containing cells and one part of the secretion, and an internal area  showing 15 canaliculi with a membranous wall  evacuating a coarser secretion. Epithelium of the conus narrow and without nuclei. Intra-bulbar nuclei absent. Proboscis glands post-cervically highly developed. Pharynx in the mid-body or the beginning of the second half of the body. Testes in the first half of the body. Copulatory bulb with internal duct or seminal vesicle and spiny cirrus. Germo-vitellaria paired. Vagina present or absent. The sperm ducts, connecting the bursa to the germo-vitelloducts  with a short cuticular bursal mouthpiece.

[From Brunet M (1973): 23]

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