Turbellarian taxonomic database

Prorhynchida Prorhynchidae Diagnosis

Bulbous pharynx;
a single ventral ovary;
follicular testes;
separate gonopores, the female opening ventrally, the male opening into the pharynx cavity;
no accessory male apparatus;
depressed epidermis;
internal eyes in connection with the brain;
paired multicellular ciliated pits;
shell glands discharging onto ventral body surface;
four pair fully differentiated nerve trunks;
protonephridia with ventral pores, in front of female pore, right and left of median;
a genito-intestinalis duct connects the antrum (female) or oviduct with intestine;
bulb with a stylet on it, which leads in a pocket formed by widening of male genital canal, which opens in the mouth tube;

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