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Isodiametridae Haplocelis Diagnosis

Testes and ovaries paired. Vagina positioned behind male copulatory organ. Bursa with one or two coiled bursal nozzles. Male copulatory organ with muscular, glandular, isodiametric, tubular penis invaginated into a muscular seminal vesicle. Ocelli absent.

[From Hooge MD, Rocha CEF (2006): 47]

Notes from synonyms

Diagnosis for Otocelididae Haplocelis

Unpigmented. Testis and ovary paired. Penis muscular, enrolled in the vesicula seminalis. Vagina bow-shaped, widening proximally to a bursa seminalis which has two wound cellular mouthpieces and intracellular sperm ducts. Brain insunk. Eyes lacking. Genital pore supraterminal.

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