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Acoela Childiidae Diagnosis

Tekle et al. 2005 {} - Well-developed single, paired, or multiple copulatory organs built of tightly packed or
fused sclerotized stylet needles (stylet absent in Childia dubium). Proximal part of the stylet inserted into
seminal vesicle (if present). Body-wall musculature with longitudinal fibers positioned outside circular
fibers. Ventral diagonal muscles absent. Ventral straight longitudinal muscles between frontal pore and mouth
present. Dorsal diagonal muscles present. Mouth opening ventral. Sperm with 9 + 1 axonemes.

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Diagnosis for the valid (accepted) taxonomic name

Diagnosis for Aberrantospermata Mecynostomidae

Spermatozoa with 9+1 axonemes and distal microtubules only. Four layers of dorsal body-wall

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