Turbellarian taxonomic database

Trigonostomidae Trigonostominae Diagnosis

Vitellaria caudally continuing into the germaria efferent;
deferent tracts of the female copulatory organ connecting the fecundatorium and the atrium genitale commune;
efferent tract always provided with a cuticular bursal appendage;
vasa defferentia widened into two spermaducal vesicles, before they enter the muscular part of the copulatory organ (except in Marinella, where only one spermaducal vesicle occurs);
male cuticular copulatory organ consisting of the penis stylet and mostly also of the stiffened wall of the male genital atrium (except in Beklemycheviella);
margin of the pharynx without cilia (except Marinella);

Diagnosis for the valid (accepted) taxonomic name

Diagnosis for Thalassotyphloplanida Trigonostomidae

With one genital pore and paired male and female gonads;
testes solid, ventral to the vitellaria;
female gonads connected to the exterior by a deferent and an efferent tract;

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