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Phaenocora highlandense Diagnosis

Animals about 3–3.7 mm long, with a tail. With visible red eyes. Anterior body region dark red. Zoochlorellae usually present. Dermal rhabdites very slender. Male copulatory organ of the duplex-type IIIB, relatively small. Penis papilla short with a group of spines restricted to the most distal tip of the evaginated penis papilla. Female genital system of the EVELINAE-type. Female genital canal short and broad. Intestinal bursa directly connected to the female genital canal, hence genito-bursal duct absent. Ovo-vitelloduct opening distally from the union of the female genital canal and the intestinal bursa.

[From Houben AM, Van Steenkiste N, Artois TJ (2014): 339]

Diagnosis for the valid (accepted) taxonomic name

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