Turbellarian taxonomic database

Phaenocora lutheri Diagnosis

Animals about 1.75–2.25 mm long, with a blunt tail. Pigmentation absent except for the eyes. With pink-coloured anterior end, probably because of the presence of oil droplets in the parenchyma. Zoochlorellae absent. Dermal rhabdites present. Male copulatory organ of the duplex-type IIB, with an accessory cirrus duct. Both cirrus and accessory cirrus armed with spines. Female genital systems of the EVELINAE-type. Female genital canal long, intestinal bursa small and burso-intestinal duct long and slender. Genito-bursal duct and shell glands absent.

[From Houben AM, Van Steenkiste N, Artois TJ (2014): 340]

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