Turbellarian taxonomic database

Thalassotyphloplanida Kytorhynchidae Diagnosis

With a proboscis derived from a terminal invagination of the body wall;
with numerous erythrophilous proboscis glands (modified rhabdites);
with dermal and adenal rhabdites.
Pharynx in posterior part of body and pointing caudoventrally;
pharyngeal cavity poorly developed;
without a typical Greifwulst, instead divided into a proximal and distal region by a circular groove at about mid-pharynx;
nuclei of inner pharynx epithelium restricted to the circular groove;
pharynx glands open in two clearly separated girdles in the distal region;
with a distinct esophagus and a circle of granular clubs around the Darmund.
With a single gonopore and a genital atrium in the posterior part of the body;
testes paired;
a single seminal vesicle not separated from the prostatic vesicle forming a copulatory bulbus with the latter;
sometimes with penis papilla or stylet in the form of a cuticularized lining of the male genital canal.
Female gonad paired germovitellaria, with the germaria situated at the caudal end;
generally only one connection between female gonad and genital atrium functioning as efferent duct of the gonad as well as a bursal organ;
this female genital canal divided by a constriction into a distal region--a simple invagination of the atrium wall--functioning as bursal organ, and a proximal glandular region;
Opening of the excretory system unknown.

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