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Schizorhynchidae Carolinorhynchus Diagnosis

Filiform species. Slender proboscis (= 1/20 of body length). Two pigmented eyes. Rosulate pharynx on the border of the anterior and medial body thirds, with postpharyngeal gland sac. One pair of praepharyngeal testes. Proximal part of male copulatory bulb elongated and cylindrical; with peripheral longitudinal muscle layer, and underlying circular musculature, an undeterminable matrix, an inner layer of longitudinal fibers, and a thickened basal lamina surrounding the central ejaculatory duct. No prominent prostatic glands. Distal part of copulatory hard structures consist of a tapering stylet (medially with external cone), an eversible spiny cirrus (length of spines distally increasing), and a hardened, rectangular penis papilla. Single common genital orifice. Thin, tubiform, (hardened?) internal vagina. Spermatic duct not hardened, proximally a fine long canal. Unpaired germarium. Paired vitellaria. Vagina and sperm duct embedded in bursal tissue. No uterus. Three girdles of adhesive papillae.

[From Noldt U (1987): 284]

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