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(Leptoplana nationalis Plehn, 1896) = Notoplana atlantica

  site site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A near Ascension Island 3955
1896 or earlier default type         Plehn M (1896): abstract
B Bahamas Islands 1434
1913 or earlier default type         Bock S (1913): abstract
C Plankton-Expedition der Humbolt-Stiftung sample site (Journalnummer der Plankton-Expedition 201 5030
Sep 12, 1889 default type 120 m     mit dem Trawl in einer Tiefe von 120 m gefischt; 8 degrees S. Br., 14.5 degrees W. L., nahe Ascension. Plehn M (1896): 6

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