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(Stylochoplana californica) = Leptoplanella californica

  site site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A Gulf of California 1776
prior to 1894 type locality surface       Woodworth WM (1894): ; from Prudhoe S (citation)- page 97
B Tomales Bay, California, USA 1537
Jun 9, 1941         collected by Olga Hartman on a rocky shore, among a mass of sponges and bryozoans. Hyman LH (1953): 315
C Gulf of California 1776
1891   pelagic     Gulf of California, pelagic, surface. Woodworth WM (1894): ; from Faubel 1983 (citation)- p 87
D La Paz Bay (Bahia de La Paz), Gulf of California, Mexico 1781
Mar 1975   pelagic     Off la Paz, Gulf of California, pelagic, sampled by neuston tows between 22 N and 25 N and between western coast of Baja California peninsula and 110 W. Collected by Dr. L Cheng. Faubel A (1983): 87
E Gulf of California 1776
1894 or earlier default type       pelagic, Gulf of California. Woodworth WM (1894): abstract and Bush card

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