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Cycloporus gabriellae

  site site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A beach of the Island of São Sebastião, Brazil 1007
1949 or earlier in the 1940s type locality upper littoral to below the maximum low tide line rocks (upper littoral) and deep mud below the low tide line   5 specimens found between algae growing on rocks and on the muddy bottom below the low water line. Marcus Er (1950): 90, 115
B near Ubatuba, northern littoral, State of São Paulo (San Paulo), Brazil 1056
Sep 1952 or earlier Sep to 1946   wave zone rocks   on rocks Marcus Er (1952): 97, 116
C Deep Bay (Dieppe Bay, Proctor Bay), Antigua and Barbuda 7091
Jul 17, 1955   0 - 1 m     volcanic tuffloid rock, pebbles, sandy 1 spec. Marcus EvDB-R, Marcus Er (1968): 1,2, 77
D Piscadera Baai (Piscadera Bay, Piscadery Bay, Piscadore Baai), Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, Caribbean 1757
Jan 18, 1966         outer bay, under a stone. 1 specimen. Marcus EvDB-R, Marcus Er (1968): 1,2, 77
E Isla de Aves (Isolte Aves, Bird Island), Venezuela 7090
May 12, 1949   0.5 m     W of Dominica: Northern Lagoonm sandy shore with some coral debris and beach-rock. 1 specimen. Marcus EvDB-R, Marcus Er (1968): 1,2, 77

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