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Pseudohaplogonaria opisthandropora

  site map site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A Cape Fal'shivyy (Falshivyy, False Islet) Ostrovok, Russia map 3428Jun-Aug 1966 default type 3-7 m sand   Sivuch'ya Bay near Cape Fal'shivyy Ostrovok. Mamkaev YuV (1971): 50
B Cape Shelekha (Shelekh), Russia map 3426Jun-Aug 1966 default type 3-4 m sand   near the Churhado spit. Mamkaev YuV (1971): 50
C Expedition (Ekspeditsii, Yekspeditsiy) Bay, Russia map 3430Jun-Aug 1966 default type   sand   eastern shore. Mamkaev YuV (1971): 50
D Furugelm (Furugel’ma) Island, Russia map 3429Jun-Aug 1966 default type 2-5 m sand, gravel, stone   at western bay, Furugelm Island. Mixture of sand, gravel, and broken stone. Mamkaev YuV (1971): 50
E Kreyserok (Crejserok) Point (Little Cruiser Bay), Russia map 3431Jun-Aug 1966 default type 3-5 m sand     Mamkaev YuV (1971): 50
F Zaliv Petra Velikogo (Posyet, Possjet, Petr Velikiy, Peter the Great Bay, Bucht Peter des Grossen), Russia, Sea of Japan map 3186  default type 2-7 m sand     Mamkaev YuV (1971):
G Zaliv Pos'yeta (Posiette Bay, Pus'yeta), Russia map 2827Jun-Aug 1966 default type   sand   sublittoral. Mamkaev YuV (1971): 50

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