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(Prognathorhynchus sp. Ax & Armonies, 1987) = Prognathorhynchus busheki

  site site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A south of Sanibel Island, Fort Meyers, Florida, USA 2490
2003-11-7   low intertidal coarse sand, down to 15 cm (above sulfide-rich layer)     Hochberg R (2004): 30
B Northern Harbor, Deer Island, New Brunswick, Canada 2491
1986         cited from {20051} Ax P, Armonies W (1987): ; from Hochberg 2004 (citation)
C North Harbour, Deer Island, New Brunswick, Canada 3583
Aug-Sep 1984     muddy sand   Triglochin on muddy sand. Ax P, Armonies W (1987): 60
D North Inlet salt marsh, Hobcaw Barony, South Carolina 2492
Apr 1995           Ax P (1997): 318

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