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(Leptoplana sparsa) = Cycloporus variegatus

  site map site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A Mitsui Institute of Marine Biology, Susaki near Simoda, Siduoka Prefecture, Japan map 4428Sep 1933 default type       single example found beneath a stone on the strand exposed to strong surf. Kato K (1934): 123, 133
B Lizard Island, northern Great Barrier Reef, Australia map 3049Apr 7, 1995 default type 2 m     under rubble, night Newman LJ, Cannon LRG (2002): 293
C Woodman Point, Freemantle, Western Australia, Australia map 6349Apr 18, 1996 default type 1-2 m     under rocks. Woodman s Pomt, off Freemantle Newman LJ, Cannon LRG (2002): 293

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