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Pseudomonocelis paulista

  site site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A Itaçucê Island, São Sebastião Channel, State of São Paulo (San Paulo), Brazil 1260
Oct 30, 2012 type locality 7 m shell gravel     Curini-Galletti M (2014): 290
B beach in front of Center for Marine Biology (CEBIMar), São Sebastião, Brazil 7381
Oct 28, 2012     fine sand   ....beach in front of station, about 3 m deep, medium sand with shell fragments...... Curini-Galletti M (2014): 291
C Guaecá, São Sebastião, Brazil 7382
Oct 30, 2012         ....one specimen observed alive, intertidal in gravelly sand...... Curini-Galletti M (2014): 291
D Praia Vermelha, Ubatuba, State of São Paulo (San Paulo), Brazil 7383
Nov 6, 2012         ...subtidal among rocks...... Curini-Galletti M (2014): 291

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