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(Imogine orientalis (Bock, 1913)) = Stylochus orientalis

  site site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A Gulf of Siam (Gulf of Thailand), Thailand 4057
1913 or earlier default type         Bock S (1913): abstract
B Formosa Strait 4468
1944 or earlier   75 m     Formosa Strait. Kato K (1944): 262
C Ko Kham Island, Gulf of Siam, Thailand 4469
1944 or earlier   9 m     Koh Kam, Gulf of Siam, from 9 m deep. Kato K (1944): 262
D Koh Chuen (Ko Chuang, Ko Juan) Island, Gulf of Siam, Thailand 4470
1944 or earlier   27 m     between Koh Kam and Koh Chuen, from 27 m deep. Kato K (1944): 262
E Cape Jaubert, Western Australia, Australia 4058
1944 or earlier           Kato K (1944): 262
F Ilha da Inhaca (Inhica, Inyak), Mozambique 4403
1989 or earlier         Vicinity of Marine Biol. Stat., Inhaca I., Mozambique (Gabie leg.) Prudhoe S (1989):
G Eilat (Elat) Shore (Elat Hof), Gulf of Acaba, Gulf of Eilat, Israel 1572
1989 or earlier         Eylath, Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea (H. Steinitz leg.) Prudhoe S (1989):

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