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Notocomplana palta (Marcus, 1954)

  site site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A Station M21, Gulf of Ancud, between Calbuco Island and Quenu, Chile 1098
Dec 15, 1948 default type 25 m small rocks with sponges, hydroides and bryozoans   2 specimens. Uteri without eggs. A 25 mm animal with male reproductive parts mature. Marcus Er (1954): 6, 65
B Station M27, Gulf of Ancud, between the Island Quenu and Chidguapi, Chile 1100
May 3, 1949 default type 45 m coarse sand with Pecten shell   2 juvenile specimens . Marcus Er (1954): 6, 65
C Station M37, Reloncaví Bay, Punta Pilluco, Chile 1102
Jan 21 and 31, 1949 default type intertidal surf zone exposed block and rocks, sand bottom   1 grey specimen on the underside of rocks. Found with Notoplana australis huina. Marcus Er (1954): 6, 65
D Station M59, Reloncaví Bay, west tip of Tenglo Island, Chile 1109
Mar 14, 1949 default type intertidal surf zone exposed block and rocks, sand bottom   1 very young specimen without pharynx and eyes. Found with one unidentified Holocoele. Marcus Er (1954): 7, 65
E Station M104, northern part Gulf of Ancud, between Punta Tres Cruzes and Punta Piedras, Chile 1118
May 5, 1949 default type 50-60 m rocks and mud bottom   1 posterior half of a specimen with fully developed ovaries. 8mm long and 6mm wide in alcohol. Marcus Er (1954): 7, 65
F Station M107, Gulf of Ancud, northern Abtao Island, Chile 1120
May 5 and 6, 1949 default type 60 m muddy coarse sand with dead or dying algae   3 specimens, 16 mm long without eggs in the uteri. Marcus Er (1954): 7, 65
G Patagonia, Argentina 2787
2011 or earlier           Brusa F, Damborenea C (2011):

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