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Pseudoceros atropurpureus

  site map site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A Oniike, Japan map 4421June 1937         Several specimens. The animal in this locality is more blackish violet on the dorsal surface, and uniformly distributed white dots are larger than those of the Susaki form. Kato K (1938): 568
B Mitsui Institute of Marine Biology, Susaki near Simoda, Siduoka Prefecture, Japan map 4428May 13, 1933 default type       single specimen of this new species was obtained near low tide-mark. Kato K (1934): 123, 129
C Kanayama (Yuzaki, Yunosaki), Japan map 4453Apr 1937         very common at Yuzaki. Kato K (1938): 577, 587

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