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(Amphiscolops sargassi Hyman, 1939) = Heterochaerus sargassi

  site site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A Bermuda Islands, Bermuda 213
Aug 1935 type locality   floating Sargassum   'on floating Sargassum (whether of pelagic or of neritic origin unknown.' Not common, only 4 specimens from considerable amount of water and Sargassum. Hyman LH (1939): 5
B Island of São Sebastião (Ilha de Sebastiao), Brazil 60
Apr 1949   upper littoral rocks with Sargassum stenophyllum growing   on the Sargassum stenophyllum. / Sargassum stenophyllum Marcus Er (1950): 20, 104
C Praia do Segredo, Sao Sebastiao, Sao Paulo, Brazil 3272
Nov 2003   subtidal Sargassum sp marine   Hooge MD, Rocha CEF (2006): 14
D Isla Bastimentos, Bocas del Toro, Panama 5645
August 2004     subtidal brown algae, from plankton in Almirante Bay     Hooge MD, Tyler S (2008): 5

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