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Stenostomum bryophilum

  site site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A Delamere Forest, United Kingdom 2137
1965-1967       freshwater June, July and September. Young JO (1973): 214; and from Kolasa & Young 1974 (citation)- p. 149, 155
B Tvarminne (Tvärminne, Tverminne, Tvaerminne), Kvarnskar (Kvärnskar), Finnish Bay, Finland 886
Aug 18, 1953 type locality     freshwater moss on rocks. Several, collected by F. Papi. Luther A (1960): 45
C North Dvina watershed (Severnayaya Dvina, Severo-Dvinsk), Russia 3759
1999 or earlier       freshwater found for the first time in Pokrovskoe lake. Korgina EM (1999): abstract
D Malta Lake, Poznan, Wielkopolskie, Poland 4875
Mar 25, 1971       freshwater A spring near the Malta Lake in Poznan. Fallen wet leaves, water, silt. Found with Stenostomum bryophilum, S. occultum, S. constrictum, Acrochordonoposthia conica, and S. anatirostrum. Also in the spring S. leucops and Macrostomum karling Kolasa J (1971): 745

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