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Stenostomum constrictum

  site map site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A Langskar (Långskär), Finish Gulf, Finland map 878prior to 1960 default type       rock pool (No. 486) with moss (Amblystegium). Luther A (1960): 43
B Tvärminne (Tvarminne), Finnish Bay, Finland map 2842prior to 1960 default type       ditch at edge of forrest. Luther A (1960): 43
C Tenala (Tenhola), Finland map 2974prior to 1960 default type         Luther A (1960): 43
D Lappohja (Lappvik), Finnish Bay (Finnischen Meersbusen), Finland map 887prior to 1960 default type         Luther A (1960): 43
E Ekenas (Ekenäs, Tammisaari, Tammisari), Finland map 2932prior to 1960 default type         Luther A (1960): 43
F Esbo (Espoo), Finland map 2975prior to 1960 default type         Luther A (1960): 43
G Bytrask (Byträsk), Finland map 2976prior to 1960 default type         Luther A (1960): 43
H Malta Lake, Poznan, Wielkopolskie, Poland map 4875Mar 25, 1971       freshwater A spring near the Malta Lake in Poznan. Fallen wet leaves, water, silt. Found with Stenostomum bryophilum, S. occultum, S. constrictum, Acrochordonoposthia conica, and S. anatirostrum. Also in the spring S. leucops and Macrostomum karling Kolasa J (1971): 745
I Mount Sleza (Sobótka, Zobten), Poland map 4876Apr 23, 1971       freshwater A pond on the slopes of Mount Sleza (Sobotka). Sphagnum. S. occultum, Suomina turgida, S. constrictum, S. leucops, S. saliens, S. anatirostrum, M. tauricium, G. hermaphroditus, R. rostratum, P. stagnalis, M. microphtalma, M. obtusus. Kolasa J (1971): 745

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