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Haplopharynx quadristimulus

  site map site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A Canet Plage (Canet), Languedoc Roussillon, France map 2942Sep 1967 type locality       Mittelmeerk├╝ste. Ax P (1971): 299
B Bogue Bank, North Carolina, USA map 1616Jul 1971 default type       (Carolina form): in the open ocean beach between LTL and MTL in 10-30 cm sediment depth. Rieger RM (1977): 199
C Swansboro Coast Guard Station, Bogue Banks, North Carolina, USA map 4319Jul 1971 default type       on a low energy beach on the inside of Bogue Banks at the Swansboro Coast Guard Station at HTL in 5-20 cm sediment depth Rieger RM (1977): 199

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