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(Enterostomum austriacum) = Enterostomula austriacum

  site site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A Muggia Bay (Baia di Muggia, Miljski Zatok, Miljski Zaliv, Muggio), near Trieste, Italy 1182
prior to 1882 type locality       one specimen between aquatic plants in the bay. Graff Lvon (1882): 403
B Duke Rock, Plymouth Sound, United Kingdom 4967
Aug-Sep 1892         Duke Rock, situated in 7 fathoms at the east entrance of the Sound, forms one of a number of dredging-grounds inside the Sound.. Gamble FW (1893): 35-36
C Millbay Channel, Plymouth Sound, Plymouth, United Kingdom 4970
Aug-Sep 1892         Millbay Channel, This channel (varying in depth from 18-21 fathoms)... Gamble FW (1893): 38
D Plymouth Sound (Sound, Plymouth-Sund), English Channel (Kanal La Manche), United Kingdom 2649
Aug-Sep 1882         Specimens referable to this species occurred commonly in the Sound at depths below 5 fathoms. Gamble FW (1893): 43

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