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Vorticeros dahli

  site map site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A Station M56, north coast Chiloé, between Punta Corona, Chile map 1108Feb 26, 28, 1949 default type intertidal rocks   1 specimen. Sexually mature male. Found with Polycystis yagana, unidentified Proseriates, Miava evelinae, Procerodes macrostoma, Notoplana puma. Marcus Er (1954): 7, 26
B Station M64, Gulf of Corcovado, light buoy Vettor Pisani on the east coast of Chiloé, Chile map 1110Feb 17, 1949 default type   buoy   1 specimen. Marcus Er (1954): 7, 26
C Station M69, West spit (Punta Weather), Guafo Island, southwest of Chiloé, Chile map 1112Feb 19, 1949 default type intertidal rock   4 juevenile specimens. Found with Macrostomum sp., Wydula avia, Scleraulophoridae sp, Cylindrostomide. Marcus Er (1954): 7, 26
D Station M74, Moraleda Road, Puerto Lagunas, Chile map 1115Feb 22, 1949 default type 0-1 m rock   12 specimens. Found with Enterostomula ronis. Marcus Er (1954): 7, 26
E Station M113, Magalhães Road, Punta Santa María close by fresh water, Chile map 1122May 2, 1949 default type intertidal rocks and clay mix covered with large rocks   1 specimen. Found with sexually immature Proseriat and Triclad. Marcus Er (1954): 8, 26
F Station M115, Magalhães Road, Punta Santa María close the mouth of the Ciervos River, south of Puna Arenas, Chile map 1121May 3, 1949 default type intertidal gravel and clay mixture with mud and covered with coarse stones with large surf weakened brown algae   1 specimen. Found sexually immature Holocoele or Rhabdocoele. Marcus Er (1954): 8, 26

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