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(Monocelis bathycola) = Archimonocelis bathycola

  site site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A Kors Fjord (Korsfjorden, Korsfjord, Krossfjorden), Fjord, near Bergen, Norway 1554
summer 1951 default type 600-700 m mud   (St. 79/1951). Westblad E (1952): 9
B Norwegian Channel about 20 nautical miles south of Arendal, Norway 4959
1951 default type 400 m     summer. dredging tour in the "Norwegian Channel" about twenty sea-miles S of Arendal. Westblad E (1952): 9
C Mangersfjorden (Mangersfjord, Mangerfjord), Norway 4960
Jul 27, 1924 default type 350 m     From my [Westblad] notes and sketches ....obtained from other parts of the Norwegian coast, namely from Mangerfjord off Bergen at a depth of c. 350 m (27. VII. 1924) and Digerud's depth, c. 100-150 m, off Drobak (21. VII. 1935). Westblad E (1952): 9-10

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