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Praeconvoluta minor

  site site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A Sylt Island (North Frisian Islands), North Sea 313
1972-1975         semi-exposed beach slope, clean sand flat Faubel A (1977): 68-69, Table 1
B Sandy beach on eastern shore of Sylt. Litoralstation (old littoral station), Biological Institute Helgoland, Biologische Anstalt Helgoland (BAH), List, Sylt 323
May-November 1972   eulittoral, littoral sandy beach (middlelotic), sandy beach slope, sandy beach slopes and wadden areas, wadden areas   sand beach slope and mud flats (wadden), many animals Faubel A (1974): 3, 7
C Saint Martin's Island (St. Martins, Saint Martins), Scilly Islands (Sillies, Isles of Scilly), United Kingdom 2801
May 12-16, 2002   sublittoral medium to coarse sand with broken shells   Site 4, Moth's Ledge, sublittoral fringe at low tide. Sediment and aufwuchs settled on Laminaria holdfasts, algae, Porifera and Cnidaria were sampled. Sublittoral samples by SCUBA. Faubel A, Warwick RM (2005): 3
D Koenigs Bay (Koenigshafens, Konigshafen, Königshafen), Sylt Island, Germany, North Sea 491
1985 or earlier     sand   deep sulfide layer at depths of more than 5 cm below the sediment surface. Species found at least 3 times. Scherer B (1985): 122-124

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