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Harsa obnixa

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A coast of Cananéa (Mar de Cananeia, ), on the southern coast of the State of Sao Paulo, 200 km southwest of Santos, Brazil map 10341949 or 1950 or 1951 type locality   sand with mud less than sea water found on the surface of the sand that was kept in a high glass-cylinder, after six weeks in the laboratory. Marcus Er (1951): 29, 113
B near Caraguatatuba (Porto Novo), channel (Canal) of São Sebastião, Santos Bay (Baía de Santos), Brazil map 1052Feb, Jun 1952 or 1951   shallow water mud sand   in mud sand of the flats, where it lives with the Placorhynchid, Placorhynchus octaculeatus Karling / in asscociation with Placorhynchus octaculeatus Marcus Er (1952): 48, 108

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