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Proschizorhynchus anophthalmus

  site site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A Île de Batz, Roscoff (Roskoff), English Channel, France 3716
1965 or earlier     sand   Basse Plate, Ile de Batz (Nord-Finistere); sable coquillier heterogene assez grossier, dragage par 10 a 15 m de fond entre la balise de la Basse Plate et Pors Retter (Ile de Batz). L'Hardy J-P (1965): 136
B Duslen, Roscoff (Roskoff), English Channel, France 3717
1965 or earlier   2-5 m shelly sand   Duslen near Roscoff (Nord-Finistere). In the channel. L'Hardy J-P (1965): 136
C Roscoff (Roskoff), English Channel, France 258
1965 or earlier type locality   coarse sand   Pointe des Jacobins near Roscoff (Nord-Finistere). In the channel. L'Hardy J-P (1965): 136

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