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Proschizorhynchella faeroeensis (Steinbock, 1931)

  site site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A Stangarnes Tangi (Vaag Fjord) Sudero, Faroes, Faroe Islands 269
1928   low tide zone       Steinböck O (1931): 13
B Ejde (Eidhi), (North of Ejde), Faroes, Faroe Islands 292
1928   low tide zone     \"...in coarse sand of the low-tide zone. Numerous.\" Steinböck O (1931): 13
C Kiel Bay (Kieler Bucht, Kieler Bay, Kielerbugt, Nisler Bach), Germany 298
1928     fine sand, and coarse sand   Steinbock notes that Meixner collected this species, in fine sand at this site. Steinböck O (1931): 14

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