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Diascorhynchus caligatus

  site site # (info) collection date kind depth substrate salin comments reference
A Sile (Artane, Chile, Schile, Kilia), Black Sea (Chernoe More, Chernoye More, Euxine Sea, Schwarzes Meer), Turkey 571
Sep 26, 1956 type locality 1 m clean fine sand   Sile. Finesand. 50 m E vom Ufer, 1 m. Ax P (1959): 141; and from Ax 2008 (citation)- p. 549
B Olhos de Água, Portugal 7543
May 15, 2013         "fine, clean sand from intertidal at open beach, west of rocky outcrop at depth of 0.5 m;" Gobert S, Monnens M, Eerdekens L, Schockaert E, Reygel P, Artois T (2020): 12

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